Hear Portland Sustainability Podcast’s Sean Barron & Tony Hair interview Betty Shelley, the creator of Reduce Your Waste Project. Betty and her husband manage to have just one can of trash per year! Hear how.



Hear from Betty and Jon Shelley from Reduce Your Waste Project. Through their efforts they were able to reduce their waste enough to have only one can of trash per year. Hear how they do it and their ideas on sustainability in Portland.


Waste Facts:

  • Edward Humes, Garbology

    “Our Annual Waste: 19 billion pounds of polystyrene peanuts, 40 billion plastic knives, forks and spoons, 28 billions pounds of food, enough steel to level and restore Manhattan and enough plastic film to shrink-wrap Texas.”

  • The Story of Stuff

    “The US has 5% of the world’s population and uses 30% of the world’s resources.”

  • Wall Street Journal

    "American communities on average spend more money on waste management than on fire protection, parks and recreation, libraries or school books..."

  • The Story of Stuff

    “For every can of garbage put out at the curb, the equivalent of 70 cans of waste is produced to create the trash you put at the curb.”

  • David Wann, Simple Prosperity

    “Since 1900, US population has tripled, but use of materials has increased 17-fold.”