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    (As seen in the Green Living Journal Winter 2016) “What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” Thoreau The theme of this issue is Healthy Home. Gosh, how to narrow...

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  • Reduce – the first “R”

    Reduce – the first “R”

    (as seen in the Green Living Journal, Fall 2015) Reduce: the first R Let’s talk about reducing your consumption of one of life’s necessities – water. If you think back to a basic science class, remember how the teacher said that...

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  • Your choices do matter

      Last year I presented my class at Northwest Natural Gas over four lunch hours.  At the first session, one of the participants said “I just don’t know if what I do matters.”  I blurted out “You’ll feel differently at...

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  • No free lunch?

    I recently attended a luncheon held to honor employees who had worked for a particular employer for five, ten, fifteen, twenty and twenty-five years.  It was a lovely event – the food was good, the acknowledgements were heart-felt, and one...

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  • It all comes from the Earth

      As I mentioned in a previous post, a concept from one of the NWEI discussion courses made a huge impression on me: Everything comes from the Earth.  Sometimes that is so difficult to grasp, especially when one considers things that...

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  • What do you really need?

    In the class, we share a practice of Joanna Macy‘s called Open Sentences.  Participants work in pairs, taking turns completing a sentence read by the facilitator.  One such sentence is “What I really need in my life is………”.   Often...

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